Terms and Conditions of Surfboard Rental

Marty SurfDelivery Terms and Conditions of Rental

Defined on the website www.martysurfdelivery.com

Between :

The Internet user, hereinafter referred to as "the customer",

and :

The company Marty SurfDelivery, EI Martin DUPONT

794 072 637 R.C.S. Bayonne

ARTICLE 1: Definition of the contract

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Hire (hereinafter "GTC") is to define the terms and conditions for booking and hiring the various items of equipment and services on the website. All reservations and rentals are subject to compliance with these GTC.

Confirmation by the customer of a booking on the website implies full acceptance of these GTC.

These General Terms and Conditions may be amended at the Company's sole discretion. The conditions applicable to a booking and rental are those in force on the www.martysurfdelivery.com website at the time of the corresponding booking.


ARTICLE 2: Equipment and services.

The different equipment and services offered for booking on the website are described according to categories and types of classification. The visuals (photos) and graphic elements are presented as examples but have no contractual value.

The company martysurfdelivery.com undertakes to supply quality equipment in good working order. Marty SurfDelivery offers the possibility of reserving specific equipment from a wide range, but if the equipment reserved is not available on the day the rental starts, Marty SurfDelivery may offer equipment of an equivalent range and technique to the category reserved.

The various items of equipment are available subject to confirmation by the Company. This confirmation is sent by e-mail to the address provided by the customer.


ARTICLE 3 : Booking principle.

3.1- The customer makes a reservation as follows on the site:


The customer chooses their equipment and any accessories.

The customer chooses a rental period by selecting the first and last days of rental.

last day of hire.

The customer enters their identity and delivery address in order to book online.

The customer selects their method of payment (credit card, Paypal) and reads the General Terms and Conditions of Rental.

The customer pays the total amount including tax for the rental after accepting the GTC.

3.2 - Choice of electronic payment method by bank card or Paypal.

Only the receipt by the Crédit Agricole bank, which controls payments by bank card or Paypal, makes the Reservation effective.

On receipt of the agreement from the Crédit Agricole bank, an e-mail confirming that the reservation has been taken into account is sent to the customer, confirming the details of the equipment reserved, the rental period and the price.

In the event that payment by bank card or Paypal is rejected, the customer will be informed of this directly on the website. The Company reserves the right to purely and simply cancel the Reservation previously recorded.


ARTICLE 4 : Rental rates.

The rental price is determined according to the category of equipment and accessories booked, the service booked and the rental period chosen in accordance with the rates in force for the period selected on the date of booking.

The price includes all taxes and is expressed in Euros, US Dollars, AUS Dollars, Pounds or Swedish Crowns. Public prices, discounts and reductions are shown on the Website.

ARTICLE 5 : Delivery of equipment

Surfing equipment booked and paid for on the martysurfdelivery.com website will be delivered on the date, time and place indicated on the website when the order is placed.

It is the customer's responsibility to notify Marty SurfDelivery of any change to the date, time and place indicated.

The date, time and place of return of the surf equipment will be discussed with the customer at the time of delivery.


ARTICLE 6 : E-caution

When booking and paying for surf equipment online, an e-caution of € may be deducted from the customer's bank account.

When the rented equipment is returned, a full inventory will be carried out. If the equipment is found to have been damaged (even unintentionally), the deposit will be retained until the damage has been rectified, in accordance with the rates set out below:



material / type of damage

Stand up paddle





1000€ ttc

500€ ttc

200€ ttc

150€ ttc


1000€ ttc

500€ ttc

200€ ttc

150€ ttc

Major repairs

100€ ttc

100€ ttc

80€ ttc

60€ ttc

Small repairs

70€ ttc

50€ ttc

40€ ttc

40€ ttc

Once the compensation has been paid (by credit card, cheque or cash), the e-caution will be returned automatically.

If the customer refuses to acknowledge or pay for the damage to the rented equipment, the e-caution will be cashed.

ARTICLE 7 : Modification of the reservation.


Bookings can only be changed by e-mail to contact@surfdelivery.com, stating the booking number and the reason for the change or cancellation.

If the client modifies their booking and the rental costs are higher, the difference will be invoiced at the current rate. Marty Surf Delivery will retain the amount initially paid and the additional amount will be requested on delivery of the surfboards.

If the amount of the modified booking is lower, this amount will be reimbursed when the surfboards are delivered.

- Modification 7 days before the rental start date, 50% of the rental amount will be refunded.

- Modification less than 48 hours before the rental start date, 100% of the order amount will be charged.

cancellation and refund conditions are as follows:

- Cancellation 7 days before the rental start date, refund of 50% of the rental amount.

- Cancellation less than 48 hours before the rental start date, 100% of the order amount will be charged.

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ARTICLE 8: Use, responsibility, return.

Marty SurfDelivery provides equipment that is in good working order and well maintained.

The client assumes full responsibility for the equipment rented as soon as he takes possession of it. They remain responsible for it until it is returned in full.

In this respect, the customer declares that he/she and his/her beneficiaries likely to use the rented equipment are covered by civil liability insurance. The customer declares that he/she is aware that surfing, bodyboarding and stand-up paddling are hazardous activities that may involve risks of accident, injury or death. The customer accepts, with full knowledge, to bear the risks inherent in these activities.

The customer also agrees to abide by the rules inherent in surfing, which are available on the French Surfing Federation website http://www.ecolefrancaisedesurf.fr/fr/decouvrir-le-surf/regles-pratique-surf (an information booklet containing the surfing priority rules will be provided to you on the day of hire).

Therefore, the client releases EI Martin DUPONT from all responsibility and undertakes not to make any claim or sue EI Martin DUPONT in the event of injury, death or accident to himself, his family, his friends or a third party.


By signing these general terms and conditions of hire, the customer acknowledges having read and understood this information.

Any reservations regarding the condition of the rented equipment must be indicated on the rental form under the heading "Inventory of fixtures".

No subsequent claim will be accepted if the inventory of fixtures does not mention any reservation.

In the event of late return of the equipment at the agreed date and time, the customer will remain solely responsible for the equipment in their possession until it is actually returned.

Hired equipment is returned at the end of the day for the period specified in the hire form. Any delay in returning equipment after this time will give rise to the invoicing of one day's hire per day's delay, at the rate displayed on the site. Failure to return equipment may give rise to the implementation of a return procedure, the costs of which will be borne by the customer, in addition to the equipment not returned, which will be invoiced at its market value (including VAT) on the scheduled return date, rental costs and any damages and interest.

The customer remains responsible for any damage to the rented equipment, with the exception of normal wear and tear or hidden defects. He/she shall be liable for any other damage, which shall give rise to the payment of costs for repair or replacement of the said equipment, up to a maximum of the replacement value in new condition at the public price of the latter, in addition to the rental price. The customer undertakes to pay these costs on return of the rented equipment.