The best surf spots in the South West of France

The best surf spots in the South West of France


Lacanau (Medoc)


Lacanau is a beach located in the Médoc one hour from Bordeaux, it is very famous in the surfing world thanks to the surf contest “Lacanau pro”. Appeared in 1979 it has seen great surfers, even international ones. There are many surf schools on this beach as well.

The swell should be oriented North West, and the waves are often medium to long. In Lacanau, the wave is rather powerful and tubular. To have the best conditions, it is better to have an East / North East / South East wind, and it is better to wait for the rising tide to surf. Regarding the surf season, it is recommended to go to this surf spot from April to June and from September to November. 

Regarding the dangers of this beach:


Its attendance in summer, you have to be careful of the many swimmers and surfers present,

Strong currents and baïnes,

For beginners, pay attention to the size and power of the waves


Parlementia (Basque Country)

Parlementia Beach is located in Guéthary in the Basque Country. It's a pretty powerful wave, you have to be careful to assess its size before going into the water since it's a wave that breaks far offshore. You can access it from the port of Guéthary at all tide or in front of the Bahia restaurant at mid to high tide.

Parlementia works best on a north west swell with large peak wave period. The best wind direction on this spot is East / South East / South, it is better to wait for the rising tide to go surfing. To surf this spot, the most favorable season is from September to March. The dangers of this spot are:


Watch out for the reef at low tide


The crowd when the forecasts are good


Positioning yourself well on the wave





La Gravière (Les Landes)


La Gravière beach is located in Hossegor, in the Landes. This is a very well-known spot, which used to host the Quicksilver and Roxy Pro stage of the World Surf League in October. This internationally renowned wave is considered one of the most powerful and tubular in Europe. When the sand bank is good, this wave offers a great show with sublime barrels.

the spot needs a has a north west swell orientation and the wind needs to be East / North-East / South-East orientated. Upcoming tide is most of the time the best but it depend on the sand bank really. It is a surf spot that works best from September to November when the winter swell start to hit the coast and the wind is right. It is a dangerous spot, it’s a wave that is very powerful and hollow so be careful of the strong current and do not overestimate your level




Biscarrosse (Les Landes)


Biscarrosse beach is located just below the “Bassin d’Arcachon”, it is one of the first beaches in the Landes. It has a very natural and pleasant setting, if you find the right sand bank you can really get some nice barrely beach breaks. 

For surfing, the swell of this spot must be West / North West with a not so large peak wave period. For the spot to be of better quality, the wind must be oriented East / North-East / South-East and wait for the tide to be rising to have the best conditions. As for the season, this is a spot that works best from June to September. This is a spot that can be dangerous so you have to be vigilant with tubular and powefull waves that can surprise beginners / intermediates and strong current called “Baïne”



Anglet (Basque Country)


Anglet beaches are similar to beach breaks in “Les Landes” but located in the Basque Country, north of Biarritz. The waves tend to unwind well, and the beach picks up swells very effectively. It is a popular spot on the Basque coast that will delight bodyboarding lovers with its shore breaks, but also surfers with long waves that can roll out on the dykes of the beach.


The swell of this beach must be oriented North West with a medium peak wave period. For the spot to work, it is preferable for the wind to be East / North East / South East / South, and wait for the tide to rise. Anglet Beach offers better conditions from September to November. You have to pay attention to the crowd, it can get pretty busy as soon as the conditions are right.


A final tip for anglet, avoid high tide, there are fewer waves, but above all the shore break makes getting out of the water dangerous.


In the southwest, there is something for everyone. Lovers of beach breaks or reefs, you will find what you are looking for in New Aquitaine. If you want other advice, do not hesitate to ask us !