How to choose your surfboard?

How to choose your surfboard?


Choosing the right surfboard can be complicated... Yet, choosing the right surfboard is essential to enjoy the waves. You have to take into account your level, weight, height, and wave forecast. To facilitate your choices on our website, we have decided to propose three key points to help you choose the right board.

A Surfboard according to Your Level of Practice

You will be using your board, so it is important to estimate its level. You must be humble because by overestimating your level you will choose a board that will limit your progression phase. 

There are 3 levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Expert): 

If you are a beginner:

You have just started surfing or you have only surfed a few times. You like being in the water and you want to learn, but during your sessions, you wipe out regularly. You should know that at this stage, it is recommended to stay where you are, you can go to the line up if there are small waves or otherwise stay in the white waves. 

We have a wide range of beginner surfboards, suitable for all weights and sizes. Perfect boards to progress quickly and have your first sensations. 

At this stage, it is strongly advised to use foam boards. They have the perfect volume to paddle and take waves easily. The stability of these boards allows you to find your balance easily and above all, they will forgive small mistakes. So you will quickly and safely learn to stand up (your first take-offs) and take directions. 

If you are an intermediary:

You practice regularly or you have a good base thanks to several surfing holidays. You reach the line up, you manage to pass the bar by doing duck dive with a shortboard or the turtle with a longboard. In the idea you manage to surf waves of less than one meter, you master the take off most of the time and you manage to follow the wave. 

When you start to get comfortable in small waves, it's time to switch to a mini-malibu. We have a range of mini malibu in different sizes to make the transition to shortboards easier for you. With a mini-malibu you will have volume and a shape that will offer stability and forgive your mistakes. Plus, with this type of board it's a pleasure to paddle. You will be able to take a maximum of waves, even in small summer conditions, to improve quickly. 

If you really want a shortboard, you can also surf large shortboards. Our Tork range is perfect, and in our quiver, whether in store or online, we have a few more boards to show you, like the Seaside & Beyond from Firewire.

If you're an expert:

You've been surfing for years and go regularly. You paddle out to the line up without any difficulty, the duck dive is your best friend. You manage to generate speed, do a bottom turn and even do some manoeuvres.

At this stage, we are aware that you want high performance boards. Whether it's a longboard or a shortboard, you want a board that is easy to handle and adapted to the waves and your style. 

We are offering very experienced surfers with some brand new FIREWIRE surfboards, from the Go Fish to the Sci-Fi, but also "performance" longboards. Whether you're a good shortboard or longboard surfer, we've got what you need. 

Surfing According to Your Morphology

In addition, to take into account your level, you have to take into account your morphology. 

There is one exception: Beginners. Whether you are tall, short, thin or strong, if you are new to surfing, you should choose a board with a lot of volume. A big board is easy to paddle, so you will take a maximum of waves and therefore you will improve quickly. 

For the rest of the surfers, it is important to know that the dimensions of your surfboard are proportional to your height and weight. To be clearer, the heavier you are, the longer, wider and thicker your surfboard should be. The length of the boards are expressed in feet (1 foot = 30.48cm), so don't be afraid a Longboard will not be 9 meters :).

We have set up an algorithm on our website to help you choose a board according to your size. You can read our weight and height recommendations underneath each board on our website. Feel free to use it to find what you are looking for in our quiver. 

Choosing a board according to your weight and size is not an exact science, the best way is to try several boards until you find the nugget. Don't hesitate to try several. With Marty Surf Delivery, you can rent one and change it the next day or during the week, so you can choose the right board. Renting is also a good time to try out and choose the right board for your future purchase.

Surfing according to the wave

For all levels and all morphologies, it is essential to understand how to choose your surfboard according to the waves. The right choice is the one that will give you the most fun depending on the size and type of wave you are going to surf. Today, there is no such thing as a perfect surfboard for all wave conditions. But we do have different boards for different types of waves. Besides, if you want to surf every day, you will probably have to use different surfboards, to adapt to the weather and the different spots, so don't hesitate to call us and swap your board.

Let's take a closer look at the different conditions: 

For small and soft waves

We're not going to generalize, but it's often our summer conditions in France. In any case, to have fun in small waves, you have to choose a mini malibu board (Hybrid) or a longboard. It's the perfect conditions to make long curves and noseride sessions! You will also be able to choose large shortboards or twin fin fish. The goal is to have a board that allows you to overcome the lack of power with a fast and efficient paddle, so a surf with size and/or volume.


For hollow waves

In summer our sandbanks in “Les Landes” can offer pretty hollow waves, but also on few spots on the basque coast, for example in Anglet. In any case, the ideal is to choose a shortboard, not too wide and with rocker (the curve). For the perfect volume and size it will depend on your level and morphology, but if you want to get the most out of it (barrel), you should choose a shortboard and preferably a high performance one.


For big and soft waves

The famous wave of Parlementia! For this kind of wave, it is important to have a big board with a worked shape. A board with enough size to get some speed at the paddle. The wave being big, it will allow good surfers to make nice curves and even maneuvers. You need a gun or a mid lengh shape, like the Seaside & Beyond


To choose the perfect board, you also need to ask for advice, don't hesitate to choose your equipment with friends or to call us for advice and we will find the perfect board for you to rent! For purchases, there's nothing better than a test ride, again if we have the board you want to buy, don't hesitate to come and try it in store.

Happy surfing,